Barefoot and Naked

There’s a particular story in the book of Isaiah that challenges everything my Western, comfort-seeking mindset would want me to believe about God’s intention for my life.  In Isaiah chapter 20, God commands Isaiah to take off his shoes…and his CLOTHES, and walk around for three years.  God made his prophet walk around naked and barefoot.

God didn’t do this because He was mad at Isaiah.  He didn’t do it so that Isaiah would be blessed or honored by the process - He did it to make a point.  The only reason behind Isaiah’s discomfort and humuliation was the Glory of God.  Hmmm.  That can be an uncomfortable point - unless we really begin to understand God.

We often think God’s blessing and the abundant life He offers are restricted by the parameters of the world.  God will bless me with a bigger house, better job, and better opportunities.  Very rarely do I feel willing to get “barefoot and naked” for the Glory of God.  

Although, when we strip away all the trappings of the world, we will always be confronted with the reality that God’s blessings are so much bigger and better than the world.

From My Devotion - March 21, 2012

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.