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1 Corinthians 11
from my devotions

In the beginning of this chapter, Paul makes a shocking statement.  In a day and age where people love to talk about how many “followers” they have on social media, very few people are willing to say something like this, “watch my life, and do what i do.  then you should be ok.”

Paul says exactly that.  Someone might look at this and think that the apostle was experiencing a massive ego trip.  However, I think just the opposite is true.  Paul is absolutely identifying with his audience.  He’s not the type of leader that orders hamburgers for the staff and sneaks away privately to eat steak.  [I’m not saying there is necessarily anything wrong with that.]  Paul has made some stern rebukes and harsh demands from the Corinthian church, for their own good.  Then it’s as if Paul responds with solidarity - we’re all in this together.

How many leaders live lives worth following (instead of writing books worth reading, show worth watching, or speeches worth hearing).  The fact of the matter is, this is the stern commitment of any leader…whether he/she admits it or not.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.