God, I trust you with my heart

Something weird happened this weekend.  It seems like things regarding PORTLAND just got real.  I’m not really praying “if,” anymore.  In fact, I’m not even praying that it happens.  I’m praying for God to give me Spring of Life, Portland.  I’m praying for God to give me thousands of souls saved through the ministry of Spring of Life, Portland.  However, as it get more real, it starts to get tremendously scary.  I had real moments of freak-out this week.  My world is so comfortable.

However, my wonderful miracle working God is using this to remind me this is not my calling, alone.  It is the calling of everyone whom He uses for His glory at the church.  My beautiful wife’s heart has been so amazing over the past couple of days.  How do you take  a girl of privilege and ask her to give it all up to be a church planter’s wife.  THEN, how do you give her a big, beautiful, comfortable life…and ask her to give it up again to move to the scary unknown.  And yet…she is amazing.  Her heart is such a picture of love, trust, and faithfulness.  We spoke yesterday, and we are both so open and ready for what Jesus wants to do.

We sat in an Arby’s after church.  That’s when I realized the Lord had pulled us together, and that’s how He’s going to lead us.  We’re not over-emotionally jumping into something.  We are slowly and carefully surrendering.  Jesus here we are.  We our yours.  Lead us.

I also want to share a private text I got from my dearest brother in ministry.  God is stirring in people’s hearts.  To HIS name be the glory.  If He starts a work, He will finish it.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.