God is Moving in 7to9

Last night, Alison Marshall from Israel (via New Zealand) came to speak at 7to9.  berean-to-berean.com  She talked about the Tabernacle, and it was stunning.  I look forward to growing and receiving from her ministry.  We recorded her lesson.  Hopefully I will post soon.

Prayer Groups

The big news is that Prayer Groups are working.  God has raised up such a might man, Andy, to help me lead this charge.  Last night we saw real genuine change.  I saw formerly-unengaged, yet really good people, acting like full-engaged ministry owners!  It was awesome.  God blessed us with a bunch of guests.  We probably had 10-12 1st or 2nd time guests.  Each of these guest were connected to some real community.  Praise God!  It was awesome.

People will rarely drift where you want them to go…where God wants them to go.  They may initiate, but they are craving leadership.  When the thing you are leading them to do isn’t a gimmick, but it’s what their heart is actually craving, it’s a bit easier to get them there.  At least, I’m going to stake my life and ministry on it.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.