I Met with Brother Scott

When I found out that a team from BPBC was going to visit Portland as a possible site for our church plant, I sensed the Lord calling me to a fast.  I fasted from food for three days and I began praying that God would place me on the hearts of our senior leadership as a church planter.  If there is one thing that God has taught me lately, it is to be bold in what I am asking from Him.

I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, and I needed some mentoring.  I texted Bro Scott and asked him to sit down with me.  This past Thursday, I had one of the most refreshing conversations.

Pastor Scott sat and listened as I unloaded what God was doing in my heart.  I told him that if I was following preferences, I would never leave BPBC.  I love my house, my ministry, my family, my office, my budget, my salary…. the list goes on.  Despite all of that, I told him, I have an irresistible urge to leave it all and launch a world-changing ministry.  I told Brother Scott that I returned from DC this past summer, that while I loved the trip and the ministry, I was convinced that is not where God wanted me and Andrea. 

One day, God randomly began to place Oregon on my heart.  I didn’t really say anything about it.  I just began to consider it.  A couple of days later, Andrea piped up and said, “Hey babe, what about Oregon?”  I was pretty blown away.  We told a few of our close friends in the same tone that we’ve always talked about church planting:  kinda-joking-kinda-dreaming-kind-deadserious.  Sarah Rigdon was one of those people.  

Sarah was in my office discussing student ministry one afternoon when Sterling Lynn walked in.  He said that he heard inside info about where BPBC was looking to church plant.  He said I was going to be disappointed - it wasn’t DC.  I bated the hook.  I probed…“ok, where is it?”

“Oregon.”  I’m so thankful Sarah was there as a witness, or I think I would start to believe that I made that part up.  The next couple of days, Portland kept coming up.  Andrea’s parents returned from a cruise saying that “everyone we met was from Oregon.”  I had lunch with a fellow youth pastor.  I mentioned I wanted to be a church planter.  He said that once he met with some friends and after doing some research, he made a determination.  If he ever planted a church, he wanted to do it in Oregon.  Shut up.  (I had never mentioned Oregon to him).

Pastor Scott took all this in stride.  He affirmed that God was doing something in my life, and he committed to pray for me.  It feels so good to have someone that I admire on my side.  It feels like such a relief to have a mentor and a champion who will bring my case before the Lord

I’m never quite sure what God is up to.  Here’s what I know:  I want to stay desperate for Him.  I don’t want to plant Aaron’s Baptist Church.  I want to go where my MARVELOUS JESUS calls and beg Him for a world-changing, Gospel-spewing, Holy-Ghost Anointed Miracle.

Then I wanna die and move into my big fat mansion…and stand before Jesus for the rest of eternity.  Talk about adventure.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.