I’m a Christian, and I believe in Revenge

The world is angry, and for good reason.  I’m angry too.  I get angry when I see ISIS successfully carrying out terrorist attacks.  I want them brought to justice.  But I also want something more - I want Revenge.  The real kind. 

I want to stand over the enemy, and watch him suffer.  I want him to pay for what he has done.  I think that sometimes people mischaracterize Christianity as weak, because we’re called to turn the other cheek.  I think these people are missing the point.  Jesus isn’t weak.  In fact, Jesus will have vengeance over his adversary.  If we stand with Jesus, so will we.  We just have to get onboard with the real enemy

The Bible paints the picture of a sinister serpent, hell-bent on defaming the name of God, and destroying everything good and precious.  He’s the author of lies, the leader of sins, and the creator of chaos.  Satan is the kind of creature that laughs when babies get cancer.  He offers cheap thrills to entrap weak minded people into joining his mission of death and destruction.  I hate him.  And that’s ok. 

There are two people in the New Testament that Jesus notably refers to as Satan.  Judas & Peter.  In both circumstances, Jesus is able to love the sinner while attacking sin’s source.  Jesus knew both Peter and Judas were the human shields hiding the real rebel.  Peter and Judas were responsible for their actions, but they were simply yielding to another person’s plan.  Jesus’ response — kill the killer & decimate his plan. 

Jesus shed His blood to save every Peter and Judas (and everyone in-between) who repent and believe.  He rose again to crack the back of Satan and steal his greatest weapon.  Death has been defeated and all those who stand with Jesus will live again.

I still want ISIS to pay.  But Satan would love that.  He knows he’s lost in the long run.  He knows that one day he’ll be cast into a lake of torment as the children of God look on.  The day of justice is coming.  However, Satan gets satisfaction every time he entices others to share in his doom.  I hate what ISIS has done.  But I hate Satan more.  I don’t want him to have even the tiniest milligram of glee. 

I want to see every miscreant, villain, and killer redeemed by the blood of Jesus.  I wish I could say it was because I love them.  I’m not there yet.  I want to see them saved because I want revenge on the real enemy.  I want his plans to fail and I want to see his shady kingdom crumble.  I want to see Light pierce the Darkness as the truth sets people free. 

Don’t turn the other cheek because you’re weak.  Don’t pray for your enemies so they can exploit you.  Do these things because Satan hates it.  When the LOVE of the Gospel wins, the devil’s power grows dim.  And if you can’t reach ISIS with the Gospel, reach your neighbor.  Invite them to Easter to celebrate the resurrection.  Do it because you love them, and do it because you hate your Enemy.  The resurrection of Christ and the annihilation of death itself — that really is the sweetest revenge.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.