Poo on My Shoe


Like I’ve always said, “ministry is messy.”

Today I had the chance to prayer walk the Guild Theater.  I get to do this about 5 times a week on my way to work.  I love these moments.  I hope I am learning to trust God for impossible things

It’s easy to casually walk around the block, feeling like I’m escaping notice.  I’ve recently been convicted by God to make myself a mini-spectacle by entering into the space of The Guild, under the marquee, to lay hands on the front door.  Each time, I pray that the next time these doors are officially opened, it will be to welcome thirsty people to be filled with new life in Christ [springoflifepdx.com].   

Today, I walked into the threshold and began to pray.  I noticed that something under my foot felt squishy.  Sure enough - it was poo.  A lot of it.  From the looks of it, it was pretty human.  I have a new rule now.  Look before leaping. 

I guess I could have reacted in a lot of ways:  embarrassment, frustration, annoyance, anger.  Maybe more than one of these flashed through me quickly.  I ended up feeling kind of sad.  No one chooses to go to that bathroom outside in a city.  A person must be in a difficult place in life to get to that point. 

I went to my favorite coffee shop, checked into the bathroom, and began a quick cleanup routine.  I made sure to buy a big latte later to compensate.  Ahhh… city life.  It was at this moment that I started to think about some stuff. Scripture routinely talks about God humbling Himself to clean up messes that He didn’t make.  It’s one thing to think about “mess” in an abstract sense.  It’s quite another to meditate on the idea while scraping the literal manifestation off of your shoe with a Costco card.  Let’s just say, I’ll need to renew my membership. 

I thought about that the fact that we get pretty content with the spiritual junk we allow into our lives.  As I was cleaning my shoe, I became SO aware that I wanted to get rid of every little bit of impurity.  Why don’t I feel the same way about my personal Holiness?   

God doesn’t call me to be Holy in order to set an impossible standard.  He’s not trying to form me into a religious robot.  God INVITES me into Holiness, and paves the way through His son Jesus.  Holiness essentially means “set apart” from all the mess of sin and its effects.  Today, I wanted my shoe to be very Holy.  Why I am surprised that God desires Holiness for me? 

What areas of our lives are we allowing our sin to stick? Maybe it would help if we saw them for what they really are - disgusting, smelly additions.  Not only does faith in Christ save us from sin, God promises, through sanctification to cleanse us from sin.  From personal experience, I am reminded that it feels so good to be clean.


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Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.