What If.

What if you could hear directly from God today? What if His voice could pierce through everything you’re thinking/hearing/feeling. That would be cool. What would His voice sound like?


What would happen in your chest as you listened? What would you feel in your bones.

What if He said, “I need you to know something - I love you. Your existence is quite delightful. You’re maddening, but you’re mine. I made you. I loved you. I paid the price for you. I love you. I also need you to know that I made the universe. I invented DNA. I am Mighty. I am Victorious. I am Enough. I AM. Stop looking/striving/toiling. I’m here. I hate the junk in your life. It’s a waste and it gets in the way of my best. Get rid of it. And let’s do this! Feel the weight of this heavy love I have for you. Let it draw you. Let it push you. Let it change you. Open up to me. I want more than what you have to offer. I want you. So throw up your hands and give up, ‘cause I’ve got this. I got you. Because I love you. With a heavy, holy, life-changing love.”

What if God spoke that through the cosmos and into your heart? Tradition says, it would be nice, but it wouldn’t be enough. We’re stupid and thick-headed. Hence, the cross. Not only did Jesus pay the price, His obedience forever declared, “God’s love is big and this work is enough.”

So stare into the cross. Ponder it, till it starts to bother you in all the right ways.

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.