Winter Weekend 2012

Here was our prayer going into this weekend:  "God, we want to see more than just the net result of what a group of people can do…we wanna see something only YOU can do!“   He certainly answered that prayer!


- Counting students, leaders, volunteers, and host homes, We had over 450 people involved (low estimate)
- From Friday night, we had 34 first time salvation decisions
- From Saturday morning, we had 10 surrender to full time ministry (including some adults)
- From Saturday night, we had 8 students baptized  (pray for us as we pursue the others, and reach out to unsaved parents)
- We involved a record number of host homes.  We had so many sign-ups, that we had to turn away 25!  (that’s the kind of problem we pray for)


-  One girl who was baptized on Saturday night came to church on Friday (and got saved!) because she heard our guest speaker (Ken Freeman) speak at her school.
-  One young high school girl came and received Christ earlier this year.  She has been trying to reach out to her atheist mother who thinks God is a waste of time.  She went home after Winter Weekend with a new glow.  She asked her mom if she could tell her about what she had learned.  Her mom listened for several hours.  Afterward, she said she really wants to start coming to church (keep praying!)
- One of our students brought 3 of her friends from Buford….all FOUR of them got saved!
-  Lots of students spoke about getting reconnected to God in a fresh new way
- One fifth grader snuck in with her sister…she got saved and baptized on Saturday
- God poured out his love and power in such a huge way.  It was amazing.  I’ve truly never experienced anything quite like this weekend.

It is such a joy to be part of a church body that allows and supports this kind of weekend! What an adventure!

Aaron is the pastor of Spring of Life, a new church in Portland, Oregon. He's the owner of Amplify Creative.