Aaron + Andrea

Aaron grew up in Gainesville, Ga as the oldest of five boys.  Andrea has one older sister, and spent her childhood in Daytona Beach, Florida.  These two met in college at Liberty University while they were standing in line for an audition for a school play.  (Aaron got the role..and eventually, the girl.)  Aaron & Andrea continued to do theater together and they had their very first kiss on stage.



At the age of 13, Aaron surrendered to the call to ministry.  God further defined this call at 19 to involved church planting.  Aaron majored in Communication Studies while Andrea received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  Aaron went on to finish his Master's Degree in Seminary.


Starting Out in Ministry

After getting married in Andrea's home church in 2008, The Bennett's took a role on staff at the church where Aaron grew up - Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, GA.  Aaron served in Children's Ministry, as the Middle School Pastor, as the College Pastor, and produced numerous creative projects. In 2014, they welcomed a force of nature into the world - Valentine Alise.  (pronounced val-in-TEEN).  


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The Baby

First Bennett Girl

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