How does our church work?

Every church has an "assimilation plan," which is a fancy way to describe the process of people coming into the church...and hopefully staying.  Here is the current one we're working on for Spring of Life Church.

Diagram Key

  • Solid Black Lines:  These are the clear next steps for people attending our church.  Without following these, a person will get stuck in place.

  • Dark Dashed Line:  These represent clear expectations for ministry.  For example, we want to make sure that every missional community has an adopted area.  [Adopted Areas are our ministry strategy that were passionate about.  Well go into these in a future post.]

  • Light Dashed Line: these represent individual pathways that people can take, as the Holy Spirit leads.



We value the public gathering.  This might sound strange to you, but its really not.  In fact, if you grew up going to church this is the model that you are probably most familiar with.  It means that we intend for people to make their first contact with our church in our Sunday morning worship service.  We plan on having ours at 10AM at a Regal Cinemas in Downtown Portland.

  • There are a lot of church plants that do not use this model.  Instead, they focus on inviting people to a small group for the initial impression.  These groups go by lots of different name like missional community, city group, family group, bible fellowship, etc. (just dont call it Sunday School!) ;)
  • We like this model, but we dont think it will work well downtown.  This is an area where people go out for everything - out for coffee, for dinner, for entertainment.  Homes are private, personal enclaves that are rarely shared with others.
  • Because of our culture, we feel like public spaces will be our best chance to connect.
  • We recognize that as our missional communities grow, this may not always be the case.
  • We built a plan for both the growth of the individual and the church body.